7 Reasons to Build an Acreage in Mountain View County, Alberta


You’ve worked hard and saved up, and now you’re ready to build your very own custom home. You already know you want to live away from the noise and busy pace of the city. So, where to put down your roots?

Mountain View County is calling your name!

This 3,700 km2 county is located between Calgary and Red Deer, and includes several other smaller places like Water Valley and major towns like Carstairs, Olds, and Didsbury. This means it has easy access to population centres when you need to stock up on groceries or supplies. But the entire county has a population density of less than 4 people per square kilometre, so you’ll have plenty of space to yourself. And that’s just one of many reasons to call it home.


Benefits of Building an Acreage in Mountain View County, Alberta


1) You can build a house that’s not a cookie-cutter design

Whether you want big French doors, a wraparound balcony, or an enclosed sunroom that looks over the mountains in the distance, you can create a house that’s 100% you. When you build an acreage in Mountain View County, we’ll sit down with you to discover exactly what you’re looking for in a home and how we can make it happen. After all, you’re going to spend a lot of time in this home – it should be a place where you’re comfortable and inspired. 

So, leave the pre-planned blueprints out of it, close your eyes, and envision the giant living room or floor-to-ceiling windows you’ve always wanted.


2) Build a large garage, just the way you want

You’ve got the space – why not fill it with tools and toys? No more trying to cram your ATVs, motorbikes, boat, or other expensive items into a tiny space that you share with a pickup truck or your latest rebuild project. 

Build out your garage and make room for everything you need, without compromising on space elsewhere in the house. Remember, you create the design, and we’ll make it happen!


3) You can build a shop on your property (with the right zoning)

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur that repairs specialty equipment, or you’re a sole proprietor that runs a business from your home. Why rent a whole other space when you can build your work directly into your home?

With the right zoning, you can modify your parcel of land to accommodate your business’s shops, vehicles, and equipment. These range from simple home offices to large-scale enterprises with fleets, storage, and signage. These permits and zoning regulations stay with the property, so you could even pass it all down to your kids someday.


4) Property taxes are generally much lower

For a Calgary home valued at $500,000, the 2020 municipal tax rate was nearly $2,400. Over in Beiseker, you would have paid more than $4,600! But that same home in Mountain View County would only be $1,480 for the year – about $125 per month. 

A difference of $75 per month may not seem like much, but in the course of a 25-year mortgage, that’s more than $22,000 in your pocket instead of someone else’s.


5) You can enjoy the open land & connection to nature

Do you love the land and crave open space? There’s no better place than Mountain View County. With plenty of farms and ranches dotting the landscape, the summer view of blue skies over waving grain and grasses is hard to beat.

It feels like you’re far from the city and civilization, but the towns of Carstairs, Olds, Didsbury, and Sundre are just down the highway. The trip to Calgary and back is hardly even a day trip. An acreage out here is the best way to have it all.


6) You can raise your own animals

Ready to raise your own sheep, horses, cattle, or even turkeys? Looking to skip the supermarket trips and collect your own milk and eggs? Build an acreage out in Mountain View County! You can sell the surplus as part of a side business, or install a deep freeze to store the meat for your family. 

Before you drop everything to build a farm, though, check the bylaws that regulate how many animals you can have on properties smaller than 10 acres.


7) You can get incentives through the Green Acreages program

With so much sun and plenty of potential for wind power, green energy and overall land conservation is a big deal in Mountain View County. It’s so big, actually, that you can get incentives and take part in workshops for implementing green practices on your property. This helps protect air, water, land, and wildlife for you and your neighbours.


Home Builders in Mountain View County, Alberta

There are plenty of benefits to living on an acreage in Mountain View County…but first you need a builder. Here at Thomas Built Homes, we’ve been working (and living) in the community for decades, and we take great pride in providing bespoke homes and custom builds for the people here.

Interested in learning more? Reach out and let us know. We look forward to turning your dream home into a reality!

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