Thomas Built Homes | The Deck Debacle

The Deck Debacle

You never know what you are getting into… My father phones me up and says, “I think the front deck could use a fresh coat of paint, could you tackle that for me?”
Well as any good son would do I rose to the challenge; though what started out as a coat of paint, turned into something a little more involved.
As I’m sure you can see from the pictures below, a few of the 2 X 6 deck boards needed replacing, and then it turned out the entire 3 ply 2 X 12 beam was rotten!  Along the way I also discovered that one of the 4 piles (the second one from the left) had heaved about 8″ higher which was causing the deck to be unstable.

Time for a new Deck!

-All treated lumber 
-All vinyl railing
-Re-Conditioned metal stringers

No paint required on this new one!!