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Looking for a place where tradition and innovation live side by side in the stunning foothills of Rockyview County? 

The town of Cochrane is only a 15-minute drive west of Calgary, and it presents a blend of small-town hospitality with the growth of a modern tech hub. For those dreaming of a custom home, Cochrane is the perfect backdrop with its open skies, connection to nature and a commitment to preserving its Western roots. Here, you can build a space that’s true to you in a town that’s growing rapidly yet maintains its intimate, friendly feel.

Cochrane is the sweet spot for anyone from young families to retirees—a place to create a home that’s not just in a location but a part of a vibrant, welcoming community. As the fastest-growing municipality in Alberta, Cochrane is the ideal location to build your custom dream home.

Cochrane Custom Home Builder


cochrane custom home builder

Living in Cochrane, Alberta

Cochrane is more than a town— it’s a lifestyle. Cochrane transcends the ordinary, offering a lifestyle embraced by the great outdoors and a proud Western legacy. The town’s character shines through its historical architecture and the lively bustle of Main Street. For those keen on custom home construction in Cochrane, the town melds tranquillity with easy access to Calgary, all sweetened by the absence of business tax—making it an enticing locale for crafting your Cochrane dream home construction.

Renowned for its inviting outdoor atmosphere, Cochrane is a haven for those who value fresh air, open skies, and a connection with nature. The Rocky Mountains stand grandly as a natural extension of your living space, while the gentle Bow River flows as a constant undercurrent to the rhythms of daily life. Clean air to breathe, endless trails to explore, and the thrill of river fishing are daily delights for Cochrane’s residents. 

A wold of discovery around every corner in Cochrane

Close to or within the bounds of Cochrane, there’s a bounty of activities to delight folks of every age and preference. Here’s just a snippet of what this town has to offer:

  • Tee off on the meticulously manicured greens of The Links of Gleneagles, celebrated as one of Alberta’s top public golf courses.
  • Indulge in a scoop (or two) at Mackay’s Ice Cream, where each creamy bite is a taste of local fame.
  • Embrace the cowboy within at the heart-stopping Cochrane Rodeo, where the town’s spirit gallops to life.
  • Gather the family for a day of whimsy and wonder at the Cochrane Fair, brimming with food, entertainment, and melodies to make memories by.
  • Meander through the historic charm of Downtown Cochrane, where shopping spans from quaint boutiques to bustling markets.
  • Savor a moment at Cochrane Coffee Traders, where the coffee is rich, and the muffins are a bite of homemade heaven.
  • Connect with the majestic residents of the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary, and leave with stories etched in your heart after a guided encounter.
  • Explore over 25 scenic trails, where the vistas of mountains, prairies, and foothills stitch Cochrane’s natural quilt.
  • Dine at over 30 independent restaurants, making every meal in Cochrane an adventure for the taste buds.
  • Step into a slice of history at The Cochrane Rockyview Hotel, standing proud since 1904, and feel the stories reverberate through its halls.
trails near Cochrane Alberta
custom home building cochrane

What to Know About Living in Cochrane

Cochrane offers the perfect spot for those wanting a home that’s just right for them. When you build a custom home here, you’re getting the best of both worlds: a friendly small-town vibe and easy access to city perks. Why settle for just any place when you can put down roots in a town that feels like it was made just for you?

Living in Cochrane means getting all your bills in one simple package, enjoying great water, and knowing that help is close by if you ever need it. There’s always something happening in the community, too—plus, you get all the sunshine, green spaces, and stunning mountain scenes you could want. The best part? You can get more space for your money here than in Calgary, especially with the right Cochrane home builder who knows how to make your dream home a reality.

Get a Custom Home in Cochrane

If you’re considering Cochrane for your new custom home, you might be able to skip the wait of construction—we often have “Move-In Ready” homes that are waiting to welcome you. But if you’re not in a hurry, we’re here to take our time with you, crafting your perfect custom home in Cochrane. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from breaking ground to the finishing touches, making sure it’s the home you’ve always imagined. And if you’ve already got a plot of land in Cochrane, that’s a fantastic start to laying down your roots and letting your family’s future unfold.

Forget the crowded, fast-paced city life. In Cochrane, you can spread out and settle into your forever home—a place where living is easy, and life is just better. For insightful tips on building your custom Cochrane home, check out our blog or contact your Cochrane luxury home builders at Thomas Built Homes.

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