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7 Reasons to Build an Acreage in Rocky View County, Alberta

Are you ready to leave the noise and stress of the city behind?

You may already know you want to build an acreage somewhere, but haven’t quite decided where to go yet. Well, southern Alberta is one of the best places to get a nice plot of your own, with a custom home to match the lifestyle of your dreams. There’s a lot of space just outside of Calgary and among the surrounding communities… Rocky View County is the perfect place to call home!


About Rocky View County

Rocky View County is about 3,800 square kilometres, shaped like an upside-down U from Bragg Creek in the southwest to Beiseker in the northeast. It has a rural population of about 40,000, with an overall population density of only about 10 people per sq. km. In short? It’s got everything you need:

  • Dedicated county services for road maintenance, emergency services, etc.
  • Numerous communities and amenities throughout the entire county
  • Proximity to all that Calgary offers
  • Recreation areas and nature trails
  • Majestic open spaces, breathtaking views, and incredible skies
  • Room to grow for you and your family!

Benefits of Living in Rocky View County, Alberta

1) You can enjoy privacy, peace, and nature…

Escape the busy pace of city life and embrace a simpler lifestyle in Rocky View County. Imagine the breathtaking views of the majestic Rocky Mountains, lit up by the morning sun, as you take your first sip of coffee each day. Explore miles of nature trails and parks throughout the entire county, making great memories with your family. For many residents, the luxury of a quiet and undisturbed lifestyle is a major benefit of life here, free from disturbances by neighbours or noise. Plus, the sprawling yards mean that families with young children have ample space to let them play to their heart’s content.  As seen in the header image of this blog: A Rocky View sunrise – from Mike MacLean, Airdrie.

2) …But there’s still plenty to do, year-round

Though it’s spread out and mostly rural, Rocky View County still offers an exciting mix of year-round activities for all interests.

Just as a sample of what you can do on any given day…

    • Check out events at nearby community halls or explore a neighbouring town
    • Make memories at Calaway Park
    • See a performance at the Bert Church Live Theatre in Airdrie
    • Get a taste of farm fun at Calgary Farmyard or Butterfield Acres
    • Learn about history at the Beiseker Station Museum, Pioneer Acres in Irricana, Cochrane Ranche, or Iron Horse Park and it’s 1/8 scale locomotive ride
    • Head to local farmer’s markets for fresh, home-grown foods
    • Enjoy a family fishing, camping, or golf trip

Whatever you want to do for fun, it’s not far when you live in Rocky View County!

3) The municipal services are second to none

Despite its size, Rocky View County’s relatively large population means that it has all major municipal services, making it an attractive home for potential new residents.

For example, the county has its own road maintenance crews to keep traffic moving year-round, and it even offers a free dust control program if you live on a gravel access road. There are excellent recycling and waste processing facilities throughout the whole region, making it easy to divide refuse and make less of an environmental impact. You’ll have nearby ambulances and fire stations, supported by a dedicated notification service – “Safe & Sound” – for need-to-know alerts. And as for utilities, there are multiple options for drinking water, electricity, internet, and natural gas supplies. So, build away and enjoy all the services of the city!

4) Property taxes are lower than the surrounding areas

Rocky View County property taxes are notably lower than in many surrounding communities and counties. For example, in 2020, the tax rate in Rocky View County was approximately half that of Calgary and less than a third of what one would pay in Beiseker.

Let’s say your property was assessed at $750,000. You would save approximately $1,680 annually in taxes compared to Calgary – over a 30-year mortgage, this would be more than $50,000 in total savings, providing even more reason to call Rocky View County home.

5) Take advantage of sustainability programs, grants, and incentives

Rocky View County prioritizes the long-term sustainability of the landscape, encouraging homeowners to develop environmentally responsible methods of farming, producing with, and maintaining their properties.

These include incentive programs that offset the cost of environmentally beneficial projects, funding to make sustainability improvements (like planting windbreaks or creating pollinator habitats), grants for restoration of natural watershed functions, and many others.

Put plainly, this means that if you landscape and design your new lot with long-term sustainability in mind, you can apply for and receive funds to help reduce the cost of it all. You can make your property look great, help the environment, and keep more money in your pocket, all at the same time.

6) Grow your own food and raise your own livestock

In Rocky View County, an abundance of space means that acreage owners can sustainably cultivate their own gardens, full of fresh fruit and vegetables. This means less trips to the grocery store and a healthier diet, free from preservatives and other chemicals.

For those seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle, keeping livestock like cows, chickens, and pigs is also an option when you live on a Rocky View acreage. Gather farm-fresh eggs and raise your own non-factory-farmed meat if you want to. This creates a more profound connection with the land and the food you consume, ultimately making a better quality of life.

7) Embrace small-town values and community spirit

In Rocky View County, you may have plenty of space, but you can rest easy knowing that neighbors look out for each other and collectively contribute to a strong sense of belonging.

This goes beyond things like plowing driveways or lending tools – there are social services and community programs available for families in need, support groups for people experiencing trauma, sports teams that give local children something to do, and clubs that cater to every interest. Many of these form the roots of lasting friendships that can go on for the rest of your life. This spirit of togetherness is one the most vital parts of life in smaller communities like Rocky View, and something that people in big cities often miss.


Home Builders in Rocky View County, Alberta

The first step in creating a wonderful life in Rocky View County is finding the right builder to bring your dream home to life. Look no further than Thomas Built Homes – we proudly live and work all around the county, and we take immense pride in crafting bespoke homes and custom builds for the residents here.

Your dream home, done exactly as you envision, is our passion, and we are ready to make it yours. So, if you’re ready to take the next steps toward a more satisfying life outside the big city, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. Together, we can create a truly unique home you’ll be thrilled to call your own.

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